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Legacy Modernization
Services We Offer

Our legacy app modernization services provide a comprehensive suite of skills, methods, and tools that facilitate a tailored modernization strategy for your application portfolio. Our services accelerate the your current applications and optimize your business operations for greater efficiency.

Application Modernization Consulting and Roadmap

We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your legacy application code and infrastructure before starting with the modernization process. Leveraging our expertise and tooling to identify areas for improvement, we offer a detailed application modernization roadmap for custom legacy modernization services.

Application Reengineering

Leveraging our vast expertise in legacy application modernization, we offer comprehensive solutions to restore and refine the code base and design of your business critical applications.

Mobile App Development

Infrastructure Modernization and Migration

Our custom software developers offer robust API development and integration services for your software applications to seamlessly connect with your customers and vendor partners to drive better revenues.

Mainframe Modernization

Our expert team modernize your legacy mainframe applications, offering your business a smooth way to unlock hidden business value. Our unique approach allows businesses to handle abrupt workload surges and evolving business needs effectively.

Mobile App Development

DevOps and Process Services

Our comprehensive DevOps services help scale DevOps implementation to the enterprise level, delivering a range of benefits, such as faster time-to-market, improved quality, and reduced effort and cost.

According to Gartner, in the next two years, 90% of current applications will still be in use, making App modernization a key customer priority

How YTG can update your legacy applications.

YTG and brings superior scale, speed, and availability to your applications by modernizing your apps and the databases that power them, with Microsoft Azure.

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Spend your time on applications, not infrastructure, with completely managed and smart database services.

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Prepare for future expansion with virtually unlimited, adaptable scaling and a worldwide assurance of optimal uptime.

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Build or modernize your applications with Azure data and AI services

Modernize for better experiences

Application lifecycle services including advisory, modernization and migration on any cloud or in hybrid environments

Innovate for sustainable advantage

DevSecOps-driven software engineering practice to help rapidly re-platform and re-architect legacy workloads and develop new applications

Secure for resilient operations

Active security controls with industry-leading cyber resilience solutions to help strengthen the security of your ERP and non-ERP applications

What is Application Modernization?

Application modernization is the process of updating and transforming existing legacy applications to align with newer technologies, infrastructures, and best practices. This typically involves moving from traditional monolithic, on-premises applications to cloud-based architectures that leverage microservices and DevOps practices. The aim is to enhance the delivery speed of new features, allow existing application functionalities to be accessible via APIs, and transition applications to cloud platforms for better scalability, performance, and alignment with IT strategies​​​​.

The modernization process not only addresses the challenges of updating and scaling monolithic applications but also leverages the benefits of cloud computing, such as operational efficiency, agility, and cost optimization. By adopting a cloud-first model, organizations can improve their technological and organizational performance, enhance customer and employee experiences, and speed up the time to market for new services and updates​​.

Strategic application modernization is crucial for businesses seeking to stay competitive in the digital era, ensuring that their applications can meet current and future demands while maximizing return on investment and customer satisfaction​​.For more detailed insights into application modernization, you can explore the information provided by Microsoft Azure.

What challenges does modernization present, and how can they be mitigated?

Modernization can pose risks such as potential quality losses, increased costs, and the need for new skills. To mitigate these risks, planning for transitional costs, utilizing automation to speed up transitions, and tailoring modernization efforts to specific business needs are recommended.

How do you balance investing in modern technologies while maximizing your existing application portfolio investment?

Balancing investment involves assessing the business value of legacy applications, understanding current operating costs, and considering scalability and performance requirements. Decisions can range from leaving applications as is, integrating, migrating, or even eliminating certain applications​​.

What are the benefits of modernizing applications with cloud services like Microsoft Azure?

Modernizing with Azure can enhance scalability, improve time to market, facilitate better decision-making, deliver enhanced value, and improve cost management. Azure's cloud services enable businesses to optimize operations, streamline development, and ensure robust security and compliance.

What are the strategic approaches to application modernization?

Strategies include rehosting (lift-and-shift), replatforming, refactoring, rearchitecting, rebuilding, and replacing applications. These approaches cater to different needs, from minimal code changes in rehosting to a complete overhaul or replacement of applications that no longer meet business needs.

Application Modernization

Customer Success Stories

Build or modernize your applications with Azure data and AI services

National Basketball Assocation

The NBA wanted to better understand the billions of interactions on its different channels and use the knowledge to customize content for fans based on explicit and implicit preferences.


Chipotle was devoting major resources to three different customer-facing websites that required manual code updates to even small changes.

Ready to build and modernize applications on Azure?

Deliver consistent quality and performance with automatic scaling to match capacity with demand. Avoid downtime with guaranteed high availability, point-in-time backup, single-digit millisecond latency. Increase security with advanced threat detection, and knowing you control and own your data

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