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Mastering DevOps for Seamless Process Integration

Streamline your software delivery and deployment with a reliable DevOps engineering partner by your side. YTG will help you reinvent your development processes with an efficient production infrastructure and productive collaboration.

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Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Azure DevOps and YTG.

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Azure Boards
  • Connecting ideas to releases
  • Scrum ready to help your teams run sprints, stand-ups, and plan work
  • Gain valuable insights into project status and health
Azure Boards
Azure Repos
  • Private Git and TFVC repos for your teams
  • Code review via branch pull requests
  • Branch policies and build validation
  • Easy migration path to/fromGitHub
Azure Repos
Azure Pipelines
  • Cloud-hosted pipelines for Linux, macOS and Windows
  • Any language, any platform, any cloud
  • Native support for containers and Kubernetes
  • Best-in-class for open source
  • Deploy to on-premises, ANY cloud or a hybrid of cloud
  • Staged environment releases
  • Pre and post deployment approvals with gates to automate approval based on conditions
ytg azure pipelines
Azure Artifacts
  • Share code efficiently
  • Keep your Maven, npm, NuGet and Python packages and more in the same place
  • Aggregate from public registries and internal teams
  • Publish and track from any pipeline
azure artifacts
Azure Test Plans
  • Run tests and log defects from your browser
  • Track and assess quality throughout your lifecycle
  • Capture rich data for reproducibility
  • Create tests directly from exploratory sessions
ytg azure test plans

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So, you're already building software, but you're still deploying via sneakernet, cd, or thumb drive? We can help you to automate your software CI/CD process and help prevent deployment headaches.