Application Modernization

Revolutionize Your Digital Edge with Application Modernization

In a rapidly evolving digital world, staying ahead is key. Transform your applications to not only keep pace but lead the competition. Experience the power of swift innovation, scalable solutions, significant cost efficiency, and enhanced app performance with our cutting-edge application modernization services.

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According to Gartner, in the next two years, 90% of current applications will still be in use, making App modernization a key customer priority

YTG brings superior scale, speed, and availability to your applications by modernizing your apps and the databases that power them. Azure offers fully-managed cloud application services and database services to simplify managing your apps and handle all your data.

Managed cloud databases

Azure database services offer the very best of the cloud​.

Experience unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and security with Azure's database services, harnessing the full potential of cloud technology for your data management needs.

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Fully managed

Focus on your applications, not your infrastructure with fully managed and intelligent database services

Limitless scale

Build for future growth with near-limitless, dynamic scaling plus guaranteed high availability around the world.

Open and flexible

Choose the engine, deployment, resources languages and offers that fit your needs.

Intelligent security

Develop secure apps in the cloud with policy-based security and compliance from the world’s most trusted cloud.

Our Process

What if you could.

Build or modernize your applications with Azure data and AI services

Modernize for better experiences

Application lifecycle services including advisory, modernization and migration on any cloud or in hybrid environments

Innovate for sustainable advantage

DevSecOps-driven software engineering practice to help rapidly re-platform and re-architect legacy workloads and develop new applications

Secure for resilient operations

Active security controls with industry-leading cyber resilience solutions to help strengthen the security of your ERP and non-ERP applications

Application Modernization

Customer Success Stories

Build or modernize your applications with Azure data and AI services

National Basketball Assocation

The NBA wanted to better understand the billions of interactions on its different channels and use the knowledge to customize content for fans based on explicit and implicit preferences.


Chipotle was devoting major resources to three different customer-facing websites that required manual code updates to even small changes.

Ready to build and modernize applications on Azure?

Deliver consistent quality and performance with automatic scaling to match capacity with demand. Avoid downtime with guaranteed high availability, point-in-time backup, single-digit millisecond latency. Increase security with advanced threat detection, and knowing you control and own your data