Enhancing Project Estimation Efficiency with Yocum Technology Group

Celerity designs, builds, services, and maintains fiber optic and wireless infrastructure. They faced significant challenges in the intricacy of their process. Celerity sought a robust solution that could streamline their operations, increase accuracy, and save time in project estimations.

"Our partnership with Yocum Technology Group has revolutionized our bidding department. We've not only saved time and reduced errors but also significantly improved our data's quality. Their responsive team turned our complex ideas and needs into an easy-to-use system (Well Bid), and we are excited to see how this evolves with our business."

- Bidding & Estimating Manager

The Challenge

Celerity utilized a traditional approach for project estimations, relying on spreadsheets, manual data entry, and supplemental calculations. While this method held value, it presented challenges in terms of efficiency and consistency. The company recognized an opportunity for enhancing the precision of their bids and sought to streamline processing times, driving a need for a more refined system.

Our Solution

Leveraging our expertise with Celerity’s knowledge and vision, Yocum Technology Group crafted Well Bid a custom software solution that addressed the client's unique requirements.

The software offered:

  • Granular Bidding: Precise control over bid components with the ability to blend various units and functions.
  • Automated Data Flow: Reduced processing time and the opportunity for human error by automating information transfer.
  • Streamlined Change Orders: Simplified revisions with immediate impact across the system.
  • Efficient Training: New team members became fully operational within six weeks.


  • Microsoft Azure
  • React
  • Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
  • Microsoft Entra ID


  • Yocum Technology Group
  • Fast Forward

Results and impact

Post-implementation, the client experienced:

  • Well Bid Helped Save Time: Tasks that previously took 45 minutes now took only 10-15 minutes.
  • Increased Efficiency: Using Well Bid the bidding department reported a 35% increase in the number of budgets created without the need for additional administrative resources.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Using Well Bid errors became more conspicuous, enabling quick identification and rectification.
  • Improved Information Quality: A consistent flow of reliable data became the norm, enhancing decision-making processes.

Future Outlook

With the successful partnership between Celerity and YocumTechnology Group, the Celerity team looks forward to further standardizing their bidding process, which has permeated other business areas. Well Bid has aided in Celerity’s efficiency in handling data suggests potential for AI integration, offering exciting prospects for even more streamlined operations.

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