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As a B2B company, you know that organic search is invaluable for sustainably growing your business. Our team of B2B SEO experts and services utilize proven strategies to increase your website’s visibility and connect with high-intent buyers.

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B2B SEO Audit

We kick things off by performing an audit of your website for B2B SEO best practices. We’ll analyze your SEO health, current standings, identify issues preventing organic growth, and provide solutions to improve rankings and traffic.

Keyword Research & Mapping

Next we research your audience and identify your top B2B keywords to create a targeted SEO plan. Analyzing the competition and industry, we’ll identify high-potential terms, understand users intent, and formulate informational content ideas.

B2B Content Strategy

Our SEO content team will write blog articles and on-page content optimized for both search engines and your audience. We’ll cluster related keywords, develop content frameworks, write drafts, finalize, and upload content seamlessly to your site.

Performance Tracking

We’ll provide easy-to-digest reports tracking your organic rankings, impressions, site traffic, top-performing pages, areas for improvement, and more – keeping you fully updated on SEO progress. We just can't help ourselves we love what we do.

When your company partners with Yocum, you:

Get more time back in your day. With a team of SEO experts, developers, content experts, we will make SEO a reliable, stress-free marketing channel for you.

Proven Success: Our approach is backed by a history of tangible results, significantly surpassing typical industry ROIs.

Expert Team: Our SEO specialists are not only experienced but are pioneers in leveraging cutting-edge techniques to keep you ahead of the competition.

Cutting-Edge Tools: We leverage the latest in SEO technology and tools, ensuring your strategy is powered by the most advanced analytics and optimization techniques available today.

Transparent Reporting: We keep you informed with clear, detailed reports on your campaign's progress and outcomes.

Full-Spectrum SEO Services: From initial keyword research to ongoing optimization, we cover all aspects of SEO, ensuring a smooth journey to the top of search rankings.

So what is B2B SEO?

B2B SEO stands for “business-to-business search engine optimization.” It refers to SEO strategies focused on increasing visibility and engagement among other businesses rather than individual consumers.

The goal of B2B SEO is to improve rankings on search engines like Google for commercial keywords and phrases.

This helps attract and convert high-value customers who are proactively looking for solutions online. The content and messaging also cater to more complex B2B buyer journeys.

What Does On-Page SEO Include?

What is the Importance of SEO for B2B?

SEO delivers immense value for B2B success by:

  • Driving targeted, low-cost, and targeted lead generation.
  • Providing high ROI versus paid ads in the long term.
  • Sending qualified organic traffic to websites.
  • Establishing authority within your industry.
  • Gaining a competitive edge over rivals.
  • Building brand awareness and trust.
What Does On-Page SEO Include?

What Does your B2B SEO Services Include?

On-page SEO refines your website’s content and structure to help search engines understand and rank it better. It involves:

  • SEO Audting: We thoroughly analyze your site’s technical health, on-page factors, and metrics. Get started with an SEO audit today.
  • Competitor Benchmarking: We research competitor strategies to spot SEO gaps and opportunities.
  • B2B Keyword Research: Our B2B SEO experts uncover high-potential keywords based on detailed buyer intent data. We then build clusters around these terms.
  • Custom SEO Strategy: We create a detailed SEO strategy based on your business goals and keyword research.
  • Reporting: You receive scheduled reporting with actionable SEO KPIs, progress, and steps to improve your site performance.

What’s The Difference Between B2B SEO And B2C SEO?

B2B SEO targets professional buyers researching complex solutions, using longer, technical keywords and extensive content to build authority over a longer sales cycle.

B2C SEO appeals to everyday consumers seeking products for personal use, optimizing for shorter, generic keywords and leveraging blogs, visuals, and social engagement to drive faster conversions.

The core difference (typically) is that B2B builds trust and expertise while B2C drives mass appeal and quick purchases. Understanding these subtleties allows for optimizing SEO for each audience.

B2B SEO Strategies For Sustainable Growth

Here are some of the proven B2B SEO best practices we employ for our partners:

  • Create pillar content and blogs around high-potential informational and commercial keywords.
  • Optimize pages for SEO elements like title tags, headings, meta descriptions, alt text, etc.
  • Focus on quality over quantity for content. In-depth, well-researched content performs better.
  • Build links from recognized industry publications, directories, etc., to boost domain authority.
  • Optimize site architecture and navigation for a seamless user experience.
  • Leverage schema markup for richer indexing of pages and entities.
  • Monitor analytics regularly to identify new opportunities and maintain alignment with target KPIs.

B2B SEO Statistics

Take a look at these key statistics that illustrate the importance of B2B SEO:


of B2B researchers start their research with a broad, non-specific search. (Think With Google)


more leads are generated by websites with blogs. (Demand Metric)


of B2B companies say SEO produces more sales than PPC ads. (Databox)

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