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Keyword Research Services to Connect Your Content With Customers

Looking for keyword research services? We’ll create a strategy that speaks directly to your ideal customer and optimizes your website for organic search results. Get a content audit today to see where your gaps (and opportunities) lie.

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Keyword Research Services

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Our Keyword Research Process

Don’t let the wrong search terms bury your website in SERPs. Trust us with your keyword research process. We’ll use our 10+ years of experience navigating the search landscapes to discover the keywords that target your ideal audience.

Initial Market Analysis

Work with us, and we’ll initiate a quick consultation to review your business and objectives. Our goal is to understand your services, target audience, industry opportunities, and challenges and align the keyword research strategy with all this essential information.

Keyword Discovery & Evaluation

Our keyword research service uses advanced tools and techniques to identify the keywords relevant to your business and evaluate them based on search volume, competition, relevance, and user intent. We prioritize those most likely to attract the right audience and achieve your marketing objectives.

Keyword Strategy Development

With the right keywords laid out, our team develops a keyword strategy across your website and content. We make specific recommendations for on-page SEO adjustments, content creation, and meta tag optimization to improve your visibility for the chosen keywords.

Analytics & Reporting

We don’t treat keyword research as a once and done task. Instead, we regularly monitor your keyword strategy and report optimization suggestions based on changing search trends and performance data.

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When your company partners with Yocum, you:

Get more time back in your day. With a team of SEO experts, developers, content experts, we will make SEO a reliable, stress-free marketing channel for you.

Proven Success: Our approach is backed by a history of tangible results, significantly surpassing typical industry ROIs.

Expert Team: Our SEO specialists are not only experienced but are pioneers in leveraging cutting-edge techniques to keep you ahead of the competition.

Cutting-Edge Tools: We leverage the latest in SEO technology and tools, ensuring your strategy is powered by the most advanced analytics and optimization techniques available today.

Transparent Reporting: We keep you informed with clear, detailed reports on your campaign's progress and outcomes.

Full-Spectrum SEO Services: From initial keyword research to ongoing optimization, we cover all aspects of SEO, ensuring a smooth journey to the top of search rankings.

Application Modernization

Customer Success Stories

Build or modernize your applications with Azure data and AI services


Leveraging our expertise with Celerity’s knowledge and vision, Yocum Technology Group crafted Well Bid a custom software solution that addressed the client's unique requirements.

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Insurance SEO Case Study

A 100-million-dollar insurance company asked us to redesign and optimize website to drive more top of funnel opportunities and grow organic traffic.

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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the process of discovering the specific words and phrases people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. This foundational SEO task involves analyzing, comparing, and prioritizing the best keyword opportunities for your website.

Why is Keyword Research so Important?

Keyword research shows what your target audience is looking for. By optimizing your website for those specific keywords, you’re telling search engines that your website has exactly what people search for online, so you’ll show up higher in the search results.Keyword research is critical to attract relevant traffic, boost your visibility, and reach the customers you can help the most.

Why is Keyword Research so Important?

How Does Keyword Research Work?

Researching keywords is like being a detective. We uncover what people genuinely search for and understand the “why” behind their searches to create content that speaks directly to their needs and drives qualified traffic to your website. Here’s a quick breakdown of the process:

  • Brainstorm: Write down words related to your business and offerings (SEO, SEO Services, SEO Strategy).
  • Research With Tools: Use keyword research tools and Google to uncover popular search terms and related phrases (SEO Services Companies).
  • Analyze And Prioritize: Assess search volume, competition, and user intent to find high-potential keywords (Navigational, Informational intent, Commercial intent, Transactional intent).
  • Cluster's And Group's: Organize related keywords into themes for targeted content creation.

How Long Does Keyword Research Take?

The timeframe for keyword research can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project, but it is typically done within 30 days from the time of contracting us. We understand that time is valuable, and we strive to complete the research efficiently. We also maintain close communication throughout the process and ensure you’re involved in key decisions, allowing for swift progress and adjustments as needed.

How Long Does Keyword Research Take?

What is Competitive Keyword Research?

Competitive keyword research analyzes the keywords your competitors target in their search engine optimization. This process helps you:

  • Understand the industry keyword landscape
  • Uncover new keyword opportunities
  • Identify gaps in your keyword strategy

By examining the keywords for which competitors rank well, you can better strategize how to compete for similar terms, enhance your content, and improve your overall SEO performance.This approach is mandatory for staying competitive in search rankings and attracting targeted traffic to your site. If you need help analyzing your competitors, contact us to hop on a call with our SEO team!

What is Long Tail Keyword Research?

Long tail keyword research identifies the longer, more specific phrases searchers use when they’re closer to purchasing or searching for detailed information.These specific keywords have lower search volumes but higher conversion rates. By targeting them, you can attract more qualified traffic and increase conversion compared to the more generic, highly competitive keywords.

What is Long Tail Keyword Research?

What is the Keyword Research Process in SEO?

The keyword research process is everything you do to select the words and phrases you want to optimize your website and content for. This structured approach ensures that your SEO is targeted and effective, and it typically involves:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Generating keyword ideas
  • Analyzing search volume
  • Assessing keyword difficulty
  • Understanding search intent
  • Selecting keywords
  • Continually monitoring and updating

Best Keyword Research Tools

In our opinion, the following are the best keyword research tools:

Keyword Research Tips For Businesses Of All Sizes

Here are some handy keyword research tips to implement for your website:

  • Think like your customers: What would they type to find you? Use free tools like Google Trends to see popular searches.
  • Don't just chase high-volume: Find mid-volume keywords with less competition for quicker wins.
  • Long tails are your friends: Specific phrases attract laser-focused customers.
  • Be Adaptive: Use different keywords for different content types, like blog posts vs. product or service pages.
  • Track, and Update: Monitor your keyword performance to see what works and adjust what doesn’t!
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The only thing worse than not doing SEO is doing it for the wrong keywords. That's why we offer keyword research services. We excel at keyword research. Work with us, and we’ll help you uncover the exact opportunities that can fuel your content and improve your SEO.

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