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Monthly SEO Services For Consistent Lead Generation

Our monthly SEO services take you from waiting for leads to showing up in front of them. Drive traffic and outrank your competitors with ongoing monthly SEO optimization.

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Monthly SEO Services

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Our Monthly SEO Process

Let us set your business up for organic growth with a proven monthly SEO process. Leverage our 10+ years of expertise in ongoing optimization, content creation, and consistent lead generation.

SEO Content Audit

Each month, we review our progress and make strategic decisions on how to level up your SEO. To start, we’ll run a detailed audit to examine your website’s health and performance and identify areas for improvement that will give you a solid SEO foundation.

Keyword Research & Planning

We review your keywords to uncover untapped opportunities and update your keyword strategy from one month to another. We aim to improve your search engine visibility and drive more qualified leads by creating a keyword strategy that always targets the most relevant terms.

Monthly SEO Optimization

Our ongoing SEO optimization focuses on refining your website’s content to meet search engine standards. By implementing targeted on-page SEO, we ensure your site remains competitive and compliant, driving better rankings and user satisfaction.

Analytics & Reporting

Throughout our engagement we provide monthly reports and weekly recaps via email for content and growth updates. This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making and strategic adjustments to keep your SEO on track for success.

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When your company partners with Yocum, you:

Get more time back in your day. With a team of SEO experts, developers, content experts, we will make SEO a reliable, stress-free marketing channel for you.

Proven Success: Our approach is backed by a history of tangible results, significantly surpassing typical industry ROIs.

Expert Team: Our SEO specialists are not only experienced but are pioneers in leveraging cutting-edge techniques to keep you ahead of the competition.

Cutting-Edge Tools: We leverage the latest in SEO technology and tools, ensuring your strategy is powered by the most advanced analytics and optimization techniques available today.

Transparent Reporting: We keep you informed with clear, detailed reports on your campaign's progress and outcomes.

Full-Spectrum SEO Services: From initial keyword research to ongoing optimization, we cover all aspects of SEO, ensuring a smooth journey to the top of search rankings.

Application Modernization

Customer Success Stories

Build or modernize your applications with Azure data and AI services


Leveraging our expertise with Celerity’s knowledge and vision, Yocum Technology Group crafted Well Bid a custom software solution that addressed the client's unique requirements.

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Insurance SEO Case Study

A 100-million-dollar insurance company asked us to redesign and optimize website to drive more top of funnel opportunities and grow organic traffic.

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What Are Monthly SEO Services?

Monthly SEO services are your roadmap to organic growth, helping you get consistent traffic, qualified leads, and top rankings month after month.These services handle the ongoing optimization and data-driven analysis that allow your website to grow organically, following an up-to-date strategy.

Working with a dedicated SEO team for monthly optimization will give you more predictable results and free you to focus on running your business. We can offer an SEO subscription service to help you consistently dominate search results and generate leads.

What Are Monthly SEO Services?

Benefits Of Ongoing Monthly SEO Services

In the long run, SEO monthly services will help you experience:

  • Traffic Surge: Attract qualified leads with optimized content and strategic backlinks.
  • Top Rankings: Dominate search results for relevant keywords, driving visibility and clicks.
  • Data Driven Insights: Track progress and tweak strategies for maximum impact.
  • Saves Time and Expertise: Focus on your business while SEO experts do the heavy lifting.
  • Predictable ROI: Invest in continuous growth and see sustainable results, month after month.

How to Make a Monthly SEO Plan

Consistency is key, so having a monthly SEO strategy will keep you in the game. Here are the steps you need to take:


  • Start with a website audit and competitor analysis.
  • identify strengths, weaknesses, and ranking opportunities.


  • Uncover relevant keywords based on search intent and competitive landscape.
  • Prioritize high-value terms.

Create Content

  • Develop high-quality content targeting your chosen keywords.
  • Focus on  value, user experience, and engagement.


  • Refine on-page elements like titles, meta descriptions, and content for target keywords.

Build Links

  • Secure high-quality backlinks from credible sources to boost domain authority.

Track & Report

  • Monitor key metrics like organic traffic, ranking positions, lead generation, and content performance.
  • Analyze data and adapt strategies.
How to Make a Monthly SEO Plan

What Does Monthly SEO Include?

Monthly SEO, unlike the one-time fixes, is a progression towards organic growth that involves regular:

  • Analysis of your website’s SEO health and performance.
  • In-depth keyword research and planning.
  • On-page optimization for keywords.
  • Content creation and optimization
  • Performance reports.
  • Strategy adjustments.
What Does Monthly SEO Include?

Aspects To Consider When Choosing SEO Monthly Packages

Monthly SEO choices can feellike a large commitment! Before you make your pick, consider the following:

  • What are your goals: Traffic, leads, sales? We aign your needs with our services and provide you a customized monthly package.
  • Package Depth: Does it cover on-page, link building, content, and uploads? Is it flexible? Can you get a custom package?
  • Agency Expertise: Are they industry leaders with proven results?
  • Pricing & ROI: Does the cost align with potential revenue growth?
  • Contract Terms: Do they have clear policies?

If you’re still confused, we’re here to guide you. Schedule a call, tell us about your specific needs, and we’ll suggest the perfect monthly SEO plan for your business.

Choosing SEO Monthly Packages
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