Modern Work

Microsoft Modern Work Consulting: Adapting to the Future of Work

As the landscape of work evolves, businesses are required to innovate in communication, collaboration, and automation. Our consulting services focus on empowering organizations to effectively support their employees in a transitioning hybrid work environment, ensuring both productivity and adaptability.

Ready to transform your workplace? Reach out to us today for expert guidance on navigating the future of work with Microsoft Modern Work solutions.

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Modern Workplace Solutions & Consulting Services

Modern work and security solutions that enable secure communication and collaboration, such as Microsoft 365, have been evolving rapidly to meet the changing needs of organizations. But modernizing the workplace takes more than just selecting, and implementing, the right technology.

Modern Workplace Solutions & Consulting
Our Expertise

Do More With less with Microsoft 365.

Whether you need help figuring out which technology is right for your business, extracting the most value out of tools you have already incorporated, or increasing user adoption across your teams, our Modern Work team can help.

Microsoft 365.
Consolidate solutions

Save up to 60% through license consolidation to Microsoft 365

Simplify IT management
Simplify IT management

Automate system updates and reduce IT management cost by 40% and time spent on device management by 24%

security mode
Protect the digital worker

Enable Zero-trust security mode land reduce data breach risk by 45% and overall IAM security management costs by 50%

Modern Work

What will you do with more?

Doing More With Less means maximizing the impact of Microsoft 365 solutions while simplifying licensing, management, and vendor landscapes.

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Eliminate redundant solutions

Consolidating to a single vendor can cascade cost savings throughout your organization. M365 includes many of the capabilities for which you are likely already currently paying other vendors.


Cut licensing costs by 60% or more compared to a patchwork approach of dedicated solutions.

Reduce management costs by simplifying IT management

When you have one integrated solution, you can optimize your IT administrator’s time. A simplified IT Environment with Microsoft 365 automates labor-intensive tasks and frees up previously-assigned IT and Security admins to transition to higher-value activities.


Cut time deploying, managing new software by 25% by using AzureAD and Microsoft Intune.

Protects the digital worker

Security enhancements are not limited to vendor consolidation and reduction in IT management, Microsoft 365 helps organizations enhance their security stack – realizing cost savings from having lesser security breaches and improved identity – further establishing a foundation for their Zero Trust strategy.


more likely to strongly agree that the employee technology experience "helps keep users protected and data secure"

Here What customers are saying

M365 Success Stories

St Lukes Hospital
St. Luke’s University Health Network

"The beauty of the Microsoft security and compliance platform is that we can see the actual data that proves how compliant our employees are."


"Windows 11 early adopter feedback has been positive, with comments on the modern interface and tighter integration with Microsoft Teams that enables deeper collaboration across our hybrid workforce."

Ready to make the switch?

Standardizing to Microsoft 365 is more than an industry leading, cost-effective security solution.  It also helps you do more by improving outcomes due to the increased flexibility to, securely, work from anywhere. YTG partners with you to ensure that your transition is seamless and fast.