Managing and growing conversions from Digital Ads for a Mortgage Company

A mortgage company active in 16 states sought our expertise to manage and grow their digital ad presence. The CMO acknowledged the strategic approach that led to substantial growth.

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The Client's Challenge

Operating in a competitive market with high-cost keywords, the company needed to enhance brand presence and drive top-of-funnel opportunities through Google Search, retargeting, and display ads.

Ad Strategy:

Using Google Search, retargeting and Display to grow brand presence and drive top of funnel opportunities.

  • Audience: B2C Consumers
  • Channels: Google display ads, Google AdWords, retargeting
  • Strategy: Daily adjustments to keywords and ad copy, segmented campaigns into Service, Product, and Brand ads, utilized competitive keywords with a low media budget.
  • Barriers: High competition in the mortgage space.

Campaign Details:

Our approach was to NOT send opportunities to the main website, and instead create several landing pages based on key offerings that the company excelled in.

  • Created multiple landing pages for specific key offerings.
  • Focused on driving qualified traffic with a low ad spend.
  • Measured conversions through form completions and phone calls.

Results and impact

By leveraging a targeted ad strategy and daily optimizations, we achieved notable success in increasing traffic and conversions for the mortgage company. Our efforts in managing and growing their digital ad presence led to significant gains. Here are the major results:

  • Website traffic increased by 213.10% (21,551 vs. 6,883).
  • 100% increase in conversions with 688 new leads generated.
  • Successful retargeting campaign generating 1,320 clicks per day.
  • Lowered bounce rate by 67.48% with a CPC of $12.89 and an overall spend of $3.4k.

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