Microsoft partners aid the healthcare industry with innovative solutions

Healthcare demands are growing, and the industry is grappling with rising costs, staffing shortages, accessibility issues, quality of care, and patient satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

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November 26, 2023

Our partners understand that technology can have a profound impact in mitigating issues facing the healthcare industry and delivering better, more effective, and personalized care for patients. We’ve been working together to deliver innovative solutions to the most challenging issues in the healthcare industry today.

The growing demand to improve the customer and patient experience and reduce costs can have a direct impact on the quality of care. With our partners, we’re helping the healthcare industry by eliminating manual processes, improving patient interactions, and accelerating the speed and accuracy of analyzing large amounts of data and imaging.

To follow are just a few examples of how our partners are developing solutions in support of the healthcare industry.

Rubrik and Microsoft support St. Luke’s electronic health record system migration

St. Luke’s University Health Network is a leading healthcare provider that uses innovative technology to deliver services to patients and streamline operations for employees. Partnering with Microsoft, St. Luke’s migrated its electronic health records system, Epic, to Microsoft Azure. St. Luke’s also uses Microsoft partner Rubrik to protect and back up its operational database, knowing that Rubrik provides Zero Trust data protection, policy-based management, and fast recovery from ransomware attacks. St. Luke’s migration provided increased scalability and performance to handle growing patient volumes, reduced costs and complexity, and enhanced security and compliance. Read the customer story.

AIDAN Health and Microsoft enable reduced patient wait times for MDLIVE

MDLIVE for Cigna, a telehealth provider, collaborated with AIDAN Health, a Microsoft partner, to develop accurate forecasts of patient demand using Azure Machine Learning. The goal was to predict seasonal fluctuations of illnesses to reduce patient wait times and better balance the workloads of its medical professionals. The solution cut patient wait times by more than 50 percent, reducing the need for provider incentives during patient demand surges, and improving patient satisfaction and retention. Read the customer story.

Insight and Microsoft increase speed and efficiency for Relias

Relias is a healthcare training and performance provider that serves more than 11,000 healthcare organizations across the United States. Relias helps its clients improve patient outcomes and advance healthcare talent by using data-driven solutions. Relias collaborated with Insight, a Microsoft partner, to migrate its data infrastructure to a fully managed, serverless platform using Microsoft Power BI and Azure Synapse Analytics. By implementing this solution, Relias improved the customer experience by providing faster and more accurate insights, and increased scalability by handling large volumes of data and accelerated innovation. Read the customer story.

Delivering solutions together

Microsoft and our partners are changing the patient and provider experience—like simplifying interactions for St. Luke’s and their patients; helping MDLIVE for Cigna adjust to ever-increasing demand; and assisting Relias in providing faster access to more accurate and reliable data. We’re putting the patient first, while removing barriers for healthcare businesses by reducing the cost and increasing the speed to market.

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