August 24, 2023

Streamlining .NET Development with Azure Pipelines: A DevOps Success Story


Tim Yocum

⚙️ Discover how Microsoft's collaboration on .NET Core transformed development processes with Azure Pipelines and GitHub. Unleash innovation and boost developer productivity. #DevOpsTransformation #AzurePipelines #Innovation

Key Takeaways

Learn how Microsoft's collaboration with the open-source community on .NET Core led to a DevOps transformation. Discover how Azure Pipelines and GitHub streamlined processes, accelerated innovation, and improved developer productivity.

In the dynamic landscape of software development, continuous improvement and collaboration are paramount. Microsoft's journey with the open-source community on .NET Core stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in transforming development processes.

A Learning Opportunity with .NET Core Collaboration

Partnering with the open-source community for .NET Core was more than just a technical undertaking for Microsoft—it was a learning opportunity that showcased the potential of large-scale retooling. The challenge was to consolidate 80 different repositories with over 800 contributors, moving from inconsistent implementations to a shared toolset.

A Fresh DevOps Approach with Azure Pipelines

Such a significant shift required a fresh DevOps approach. Microsoft embraced the power of Azure Pipelines, a versatile CI/CD platform that seamlessly integrates with GitHub. Azure Pipelines streamlined the development workflow, providing the flexibility and automation needed to navigate complex processes.

Accelerating Innovation Through Streamlined Processes

One of the remarkable outcomes of this transformation was the increased efficiency in development iterations. With Azure Pipelines, developers could move between repositories without having to adapt to a new CI system each time. Tests were executed more efficiently, leading to quicker iterations, which in turn fueled innovation.

Improving Developer Productivity at Scale

The collaboration between Microsoft, the open-source community, Azure Pipelines, and GitHub had a direct impact on developer productivity. The .NET Engineering Services team's dedication to optimizing processes and embracing modern DevOps practices translated into improved productivity at scale.

Join the DevOps Transformation

At Yocum Technology Group, we understand the power of DevOps and collaborative development. The success story of Microsoft's collaboration on .NET Core is an inspiring example of how effective collaboration and streamlined processes can lead to innovation and enhanced productivity.

Tim Yocum

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