Tim Yocum

As the founder and principal Software Architect at Yocum Technology Group (YTG), I bring over twenty years of comprehensive technology and software design expertise. My technical proficiency spans from cutting-edge web development in Blazor, Angular, and React to skilled development on Azure platforms and innovative mobile application creation using native and Flutter frameworks.

At YTG, I spearhead the development of groundbreaking tooling solutions that enhance productivity and innovation. My passion for artificial intelligence and large language models (LLMs) drives our focus on automation, significantly boosting efficiency and transforming business processes.


My career portfolio includes roles as a consultant for bespoke development projects—ranging from web services and websites to mobile apps—and as a database and data warehouse architect. These experiences have equipped me to provide scalable, strategic solutions addressing unique business challenges.Beyond my technical and entrepreneurial endeavors, I am an active leader in the tech community. I was a coordinator for both the Mid-Atlantic Xamarin Users Group and Lehigh Valley .NET Users Group and am currently the coordinator for the Lehigh Valley Azure User Group.

I am committed to sharing my knowledge through presentations at regional user groups and online webcasts.A proud veteran of the U.S. Navy, I am keen to connect with fellow veterans and like-minded professionals on LinkedIn to explore potential synergies.Let’s connect and discuss how we can leverage technology to drive efficiency and innovation in your organization.