ai automation services

Put generative AI to work, responsibly.

We combine artificial intelligence with automation to create incredibly efficient processes that connect your apps and automate actions between them, which replaces manual work for massive gains in your team’s bandwidth, quality, speed and customer experience. Fully custom and done-for-you.

ai automation services

How our AI and Automation Services work

We get under the hood of your business and find opportunities to replace the manual, repetitive and expensive bottlenecks with AI-powered, automated processes. We only use AI if there’s a distinct business advantage.

Step 1
We map out your processes

We’ll create a visual map of all your systems, manual tasks and apps.

Step 2
We find areas to add AI and automate

We audit your workflows to pinpoint opportunities with the highest ROI.

Step 3
We build and test

We use a mix of custom code, AI tools, and your tech stack.

Step 4
We manage and iterate

Every client we work with grows, so there’s always new things to automate.

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AI Automation

The endless use cases of AI and Automation

Sales and marketing automation

Content creation, full-funnel automation, lead routing, CRM, outbound, payments, contracts and much more.

Deliver instant answers

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Manage your team with reports

Measure what matters with Untitled’s easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

Connect with customers

Solve a problem or close a sale in real-time with chat. If no one is available, customers are seamlessly routed to email without confusion.

Connect the tools you already use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.

Let’s explore use cases for AI

We turn manual, silo’d and inconsistent work into operational excellence with our AI and automation services.

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AI Automation Solutions

Success Stories

Experience the impact across industries and witness how we've driven success for clients like Beans App and Google.

Beans App

Beans App: Empowering your global finances! Ideal for overseas workers supporting families, global freelancers, and those combating inflation. Save confidently in stable currencies and manage finances effortlessly, no matter where you are in the world.

Seamless Integration with Beans API: ChatGPT integrates smoothly with Beans API for enhanced functionality.
Donation Capabilities: GPT can interact with Beans to manage donation requests effectively.
Versatile Request Handling: Empowered to execute a wide range of requests to Beans.
Data-Driven Insights: Combines live data with its analytical prowess for informed decision-making.
Google Partners
Google Flutter GPT

Meet the cutting-edge solution at the intersection of technology and expertise: our specialized ChatGPT tool. Designed to align with the dynamic needs of modern businesses, this tool is a game-changer in the world of tech.

Latest Training: Constantly updated with the newest documentation and website files for cutting-edge performance.
Adherence to Standards: Committed to following recommended standards and frameworks for optimal results.
Expert Problem-Solving: Skilled in code analysis and efficient problem resolution.
Open Source Knowledge: Well-versed in Open Source projects by Baseflow & Google, enhancing its expertise.
Customers & Partners

Employing cutting-edge technology like AI positions a company as a forward-thinking and innovative leader.

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