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Cloud Architecture Review

Get a personalized and actionable plan to reduce cloud costs and inefficiencies.

Improve cloud efficiency and maturity

Our comprehensive assessment evaluates your cloud costs, operations, performance, reliability and security against best practices from leading cloud providers.

First, we deploy non-intrusive tools to collect data from your live environment. Experts then analyze the collected data and insights to offer personalized recommendations to improve your cloud architecture. Our assessment reports show you how much you can save from implementing proposed recommendations, empowering you to build strong business cases for change.

YTG's experience assessing, deploying and managing cloud environments, combined with our strong partnerships with major public cloud providers, helps you translate recommendations into an actionable roadmap aligned with your business priorities.

Benefits of choosing a Cloud Architecture Review


Get deep insight into inefficiencies across your cloud environment.


Collect reliable and actionable data from your live environment quickly without interrupting your teams or systems.


Make improvements based on published practices proven to show results.


Ensure great customer and user experiences with reliable and secure cloud operations.

Our Deliverables

A successful journey to the cloud taps into your organization’s specific opportunities and avoids the most common mistakes. To get there, you need a plan for success that unlocks cloud efficiency and maximizes ROI based on a sound business case.

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Gain insights

Non-intrusive data gathering benchmarks cloud framework against published best practices.

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Receive recommendations

Expert-led analysis offers personalized recommendations to improve inefficiencies in architecture.

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Put findings into action

Recommendations are translated into a prioritized and actionable roadmap that offers cost savings.

What Sets Us Apart

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20 years of Local SEO expertise
Industry expertise
Your vision is our priority. We ensure transparent communication and personalized service at every step.
Innovative Mindset
We continuously explore emerging technologies and trends to provide you with innovative solutions.
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Commitment to Quality
Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, from initial consultation to post-deployment support.
Agile Methodology
Agile Methodology
We adopt an agile approach that allows for flexibility and rapid adaptation to changes.
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Success Stories and Case Studies

Explore our diverse portfolio of success stories, showcasing our expertise across various industries. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we have helped businesses achieve their software goals efficiently.

Aster Group
Aster Group

Aster Group achieved flexibility and agility migrating to Azure "We've also seen a productivity gain in IT... that means better productivity, reduced carbon footprint and reduced overheads."


Fujitsu now scales in minutes, reduces upgrade costs with move to Azure. The migration proved how capable Azure is and how many amazing possibilities it opens up to continue innovating and improving our services.

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