August 18, 2023

Navigating Self-Driving Car Innovation: Bertrandt's Journey with Azure Services and DevOps

\Unleash the potential of self-driving cars! Dive into Bertrandt's Level 4 autonomous vehicle project and discover how Azure Services and DevOps fueled innovation. Explore the future of mobility.


Dive into the fascinating world of self-driving cars and discover how Bertrandt's Level 4 autonomous vehicle project came to life with Microsoft Azure Services and Azure DevOps. Learn how data flood and efficient coordination paved the way for innovation.

In the realm of automotive innovation, self-driving cars stand at the forefront, promising a revolution in mobility. At the heart of this revolution lies a remarkable project by Bertrandt—the Level 4 autonomous vehicle named HARRI. What propels this cutting-edge technology? A massive influx of data. But with data comes the challenge of storage and efficient management, and this is where Microsoft Azure Services and Azure DevOps played a pivotal role.

The Data Flood and Innovation

For Bertrandt's Level 4 self-driving car project, the need for data is immense. Mapping data, real-time sensor inputs, and intricate algorithms are the building blocks of autonomous mobility. However, the volume of data required far exceeded what could be stored onboard a vehicle. Enter Microsoft Azure Services—a cloud-based solution that provides access to vast volumes of mapping data. This seamless integration of cloud services ensured that HARRI had access to the information it needed to navigate the roads with precision.

Efficient Coordination with Azure DevOps

But innovation doesn't stop at data—it extends to the development process itself. This is where Azure DevOps stepped in. The coordination of work between developers, operations, and quality assurance is paramount when crafting software for self-driving cars. Azure DevOps facilitated this coordination, ensuring that every aspect of the project—from software development to rigorous testing—was seamlessly orchestrated.

A Glimpse into the Future

Bertrandt's journey with Azure Services and DevOps is a testament to the potential of self-driving car technology. The fusion of data management, cloud solutions, and efficient development processes has opened the doors to a future where autonomous vehicles navigate our streets with precision and safety.

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